Thursday, February 27, 2014

Why we dig the Sanibel Shores Neighborhood on Sanibel Island

Sanibel has neighborhoods! and The ShellBox Cottage is in Sanibel Shores.  And here is what is great about it.  Look at a map of Sanibel and notice the street here - they all run north/south.  And you know what is great about that?  You zip down any street and this is what you see?  No parking pass, not a full time resident?  Enjoy full time resident access to the beach without paying because almost all these homes are "near beach" meaning they are south of the main drag (Periwinkle) and a 1-3 minute bike ride or 1-5 minute walk down Donax, Cardium, Nerita and here you are - and the birds of Periwinkle, the Dairy Queen and the Liquor Store are not bad reasons either!
Donax Street Entrance to the Gulf of Mexico

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